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Tanama River Day - explore the River Chavon near La Romana and Punta Cana

Visit Jungle Paradise on the banks of the Rio Chavon

Discover the Chavon River with the Tanama River day from Punta Cana and Bayahibe

On the banks of the Rio Chavon lies a tropical jungle paradise: the Tanama Jungle Ranch..... a paradise in the wilderness, where visitors come face to face with some of nature's most beautiful butterflies, hummingbirds, live tarantulas, boa constrictors, iguanas and other hot-weather-happy inhabitants, as well as a wide variety of lush tropical plants including orchids, bromeliads, bananas, coffee, cacao, passionfruit and much more!

Fabulous River Cruise

The Tanama River Day is a full day on, in and around the river Chavon. The Wonders of Nature Tour, with the fabulous river cruise, is included and we have a great guided tour along the attractions on the river bank property. We'll lunch at our jungle restaurant.

Discover the Taino Culture

In the afternoon we'll visit Yuca Yena, the small jungle farm on the banks of the river, there you can join the fruit trail (30 minutes, optional) through the dry tropical forest crossing the famous hanging bridge, we go canoeing on a small jungle river, for the less active: you can relax in the jacuzzi with marvelous river views ... nature, culture and fun combined .... late afternoon we'll board the boat again to return to Limon... Bachata, Merengue and Cuba Libre are on the menu..



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Stream up through the massive Gorge of the Chavon

The excursion starts with the pick up in your resort or at the cruise port. After a short drive we'll reach the river Chavon, where we board our river boat. We float in a relaxed pace stream up through the gorge of the river. Nature is all around and everybody enjoys the panoramas and the jungle-like feeling. Drinks are served on the boat. After +- 40 minutes we'll reach the ranch, perfectly situated on the bank of the river surrounded by hills overgrown with jungle.

The largest Butterfly Garden in the country

After a welcome drink you can join the guided tour through the butterfly gardens, the rainforest trail and the reptile house. You will learn about some amazing Wonders of Nature ....The butterfly garden is the largest in the Dominican Republic. Our knowledgeable guides will be on hand to answer any of your butterfly questions and to share the experience of the butterfly life-cycle with you - a scene that is constantly unfolding in the breeding area.

Without Hurricanes - No Rainforest (?)

The rainforest trail is unique. A short trail (10 minutes) leads you in the real rainforest and you get to experience the difference between a temperate forest (like in Europe and the USA) and the rainforest. Mighty trees tower above the canopy, bromeliads and orchids create a habitant for the canopy animals and lianas and strangler figs try to find their way through the jungle.... The guide will give you interesting facts about the life in the rainforest....

Pet the Reptiles and the giant Tarantula - perfect Facebook photos!

The reptile display is the next stop. And you can touch the animals. The Dominican Republic is well known for its endemic Rhinoceros Iguanas, and for the brave: you can hold a huge Boa Constrictor or a cute tarantula.

Relax and enjoy the serenity - no other tourists!

After the guided tour you can relax on the beautiful farm. The roof top terraces give a bird eye view of the river and the central pavilion, surrounded by cages with local animals, is a perfect place to soak up the jungle atmosphere....

Great traditional lunch prepared on a wood fire

At the end of the morning we will have lunch at our jungle restaurant. The lunch will be delicious and all natural!!!. On the menu: fried pork chops, chicken, Dominican rice, salads, Yuca croquets, an array of fruits and the lunch is concluded with MamaJuana and a nice strong cup of Dominican coffee....

Discover the source of Yuca - the most important crop in the world

In the afternoon we will float to YucaYena, our riverside Jungle farm. Yuca (also known as Cassava and Manioc) was the principal crop of the Taino Indians. It was so important to the survival of the people that the Taino communities were called Yucayeques, meaning the "yuca growers". The colonizers took Yuca all over the world; it is now the staple food of around 500 million people and the main source of income for some of the world's poorest farmers. Those who want can join our yuca / fruit trail. The trail takes 20-30 minutes and we show the various fruits and vegetables the Tainos Indians produced on the land.

The adventurous can show off their 'canoa' skills

You can participate in our canoe adventure (optional) to a little side river of the Rio Chavon. We go deeper into the jungle and have to navigate through hanging lianas and around fallen trees. We might see the fresh water turtles here.

Chilling in the Jacuzzi with a millionaires view

For the less active: you can relax in our jacuzzi, high above the river!! You can retreat to one of the hammocks or just explore the jungle on your own... A lot to do in the Jungle....

Floating back to civilization after a very relaxing day

Around 16:00h (04:00pm) we'll board the river boat again and float back to the civilization. On the way back it is time for some animation. Our staff will demonstrate the Bachata and the Merengue and if you want you can join them.... 40 minutes later we'll arrive at the 'represa' and the buses will be ready for the transfer back to your resort or to the cruise port.

More information about the Tanama Jungle Ranch and the excursions organized by Tanama can be read on the Tanama Homepage.

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"Tanama River Day" details:


All Zones:
Child < 12 yr:us$45

Punta Cana transfer: $25
Juan Dolio transfer: $25
Dominicus transfer: incl.
Bayahibe transfer: incl.

Incl. all drinks**, snacks, lunch, park fees, guiding
** sugar free Coke on request
* to cover the transfer costs from Punta Cana / Bavaro we will need a minimum of 4 bookings from that zone

Duration: 7-9 hours


On Tour Days:
Pick up times:
- Punta Cana / Bavaro: 08:15am
- Bayahibe / Dominicus: 09:30am

Time Table:

08:15:Pick up Punta Cana / Bavaro
09:30:Pick up Dominicus / Bayahibe
09:50:Arrival Chavon
10:00:River Cruise
10:45:Arrival on Tanama
10:50:Guided Tour
13:45:Arrival Yuca Yena
14:00:Fruit Trail
15:00:Canoe Adventure
16:00:Cruise back to Limon
16:45:Arrival Limon
17:00:Transfer to resort

What to bring:

- sun screen
- small change
- camera


- deposits might be applicable
- full payment on boarding the river boat
- US$, Euro, Pesos
- no credit cards!!
- no problems :)

The itinerary of the tour and the services offered may differ from those described on this page due to current weather conditions and availability of goods.

SeavisTours Social

school supplies Gato

The social project supported by this excursion is the Primary School and Employment Project in Gato. SeavisTours' policy is to employ on our Tanama Ranch at least one person from each of the families in Gato (the neighbouring village), providing a base income for each family. We also fitted the school with all electrical needs after Gato got electricity (2014). Each year we supply the basic school needs to each of the children.

By joining this excursion you donate to this project! See More

Photo Service Tour:


Our photographer will make photo's of the day and you can request for a private photoshoot.

You can buy a CD with more then 200 photos, you will receive a download link to download the photos when you are home. The costs are us$40 (or equivalent in Euro), payable in cash directly to the photographer.

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