What's Hot

19 Apr 2015: Excursions a-La-Carte
Compile your own excursions: check our page Excursions a-La-Carte to see how this works.

15 Apr 2015: More Info Available
On our site you will see orange buttons with "Availability" and "Last Minute Offers", we have linked our booking system to the site and you will get instant updates.

30 Aug 2014: SeavisTours' Website upgraded
We have changed the whole back-bone of our website to html5/css. Our site is now 100% mobile compatible. 'Mobile surfers': enjoy!

20 Aug 2014: SeavisTour Facebook Page No 1 Worldwide!!
Our FB page is on this moment no 1 of all pages in the Travel/Leisure industy worldwide. We outcompete all big guns in our industry :).The page is very lively and gives more user experiences re our excursions.. Check the page here.

03 Aug 2014: It has taken a while since we updated this news scroller.
newsroom blog But we have a lot of new pages on our site. Check the new Newsroom, Blog, Hurricane-Watch and FB-Pins. We hope you like it.

11 Jan 2014: No lobster anymore...the wild population has collapsed!!!
The number of lobster caught (and spotted) in our seas has declined drastically over the past few years. For this reason we will stop offering lobster as an extra with the lunch. We are eco minded and we hope to give an example to other operators by doing this.

01 Nov 2013: Office Dominicus closed..
Per 01 November 2013 our office in Dominicus will be closed. We go 100% online. If you want to book then please use this website or phone us at +1 829 714 4947!